“all fine architectural values are human values, else not valuable.”
Frank Llyod Wright



We believe that space for hospitality has an essential role to play in social life.
Space that offers many advantages: the emotion of “feel good”; the therapeutic benefits of free time; the possibility to be in places where people can show their culture and identity and learn the awareness of diversity and difference.
Our creative design solutions bring long-term value to owners while welcoming guests with extraordinary experiences.



We are talking about something we only have, because it is a part of who we are. It is a matter of vision, style and passion for beauty that is truly unique, just as our idea of hospitality: a place that should enter into people’s lives and where people should spend quality time too.
Nobody knows how to improve the quality of life as Italians do, and it is no coincidence that we are always surrounded by beautiful things: art, landscapes and architecture. These very same beauty standards inspire our work and guide us in what we do. We will simply never betray them.



Continuous technical research and attention to materials allow us to design solutions in line with the requirements of a modern world.
Our industrial know-how and extremely high-tech production mean that we can develop complex yet affordable products that can enhance the uniqueness of any space.



Metal, aluminium, wood, glass and plastic are some of the materials we use: we model them, integrate them into lighting systems and personally assemble every element we manufacture.
We decided to always use the best materials, without compromise or hesitation, because the only opinion we consider important is the one of our customers.
When creating and developing our products we make sure that their value
in terms of quality for the final user, is also confirmed by the product’s minimum
impact on the environment.



At Gibam quality was born along with the company and has always been a part of the culture of beauty that vivifies each of the items we produce. Everything, from idea to final product, from presentation of its collections to after-sales support is designed to deliver maximum quality to customers. For us, to be and to make Quality means to know our materials but also to constantly measure ourselves with new technologies. Creating furniture to live and work successfully on a daily basis. This is a skill that matures over time and that the women and men who work in Gibam are eager to continue to pass on to each other day by day.