Metal, aluminium, wood, glass and plastic are some of the materials we use:
we model them, integrate them into lighting systems and personally assemble every element we manufacture.


Wood is a natural element that helps to create a warm and welcoming space.
It’s a material that feels the passing of time and remains in line with elegance.


These special gloss lacquered panels are more durable than a normal wood melamine polished.
They are elegant and easy to match with other materials.


We offer a different palette of decorative coordinated themes,
that will help you to create modern and innovative finishing for your furnitures.


The purity of glass with its reflections
makes every space elegant and refined.


Shining and luxury material that can light up every setting
with an atmosphere of class and elegance.


The concept of luxury is redefined by a new sense of tactility
given by the use of sophisticated material.


Quality materials and essential design.
Main elements to give the right luxury style.